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Part of Obama’s legacy, Hatred and Lies

We have quite a few kids and teens on on our southern borders, all illegals who  want to come to the land of milk and honey for a free ride on tax dollars and to bring with them more crime, more assaults and more welfare and  free room and board. How about the majority of the liberal left Hollywood millionaires take in some of these kids and indoctrinate them into a good liberal left life complete with free everything and how to talk filthy trash talk to anyone who disagrees with you. Teach them to hate all who differ, especially Republicans and the President of this country, his wife and children and all associated with him  Teach them to hate as you do, all hard working Americans, Christians , Jews, Mexican Americans , African Americans, statues that offend you and almost anything else that might make a good liberal cry

Tell these newly illegally adopted aliens that they should have personal relationships with as many people as possible, men women , children any one at all. And if a female child or woman becomes with child, make sure to tell these new occupants, that you as a liberal will make an appointment with planned parenthood and you will make everything go away with a good late term abortion and send them on their way.

Then teach them your best attribute …HATE. Teach them to hate all authority, the police, sheriffs, ICE, the FBI, Firemen, judges and especially the United States Of America and the Stars and Stripes our flag. Teach them to ignore history, and just go on the premise that all white men are evil and that all white men owned slaves and raped black women. Then move on to America again, Tell these new illegals that America  and capitalism is evil and that the real heroes of the world were, good old socialists like Karl Marx, Joseph Stalin, Fidel Castro and Che Quivara, Pol Pot and Mao Tse Dung. All murders and killers.

Tell these new illegal residents living in your luxurious ten bedroom, eight bathroom home,  that capitalism has kept you down and that is why you hate the land that helped you attain all theses riches even though you have so little talent.

Tell your new ” children of twenty or so years old , that they will now be able to go to High school and college with at no personal cost  because the lower classes , the simple man on the street will take care of all costs.

After all that is what the lower class was made for…. to serve and adore the elite, the elites in Hollywood and the elites in government.

 America, Republicans, Democrats and Libitarians…..listen up…

We need to get together, find some common ground, get rid of the radicals on all sides. Vote  when November comes around , but first be brutally honest with yourself. Do you really want Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters and the new socialist from New York running your country? Do you really want higher taxes, more illegal immigrants coming and going through our borders at will with no one checking them out? And remember , true socialism has never worked. To this day millions of people all around the world  want socialism , but only after capitalism has made them wealthy. Remember how the left has acted toward our President, his children and friends, remember the lies and the vitriol with which they speak, remember  people like Steven Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel and the rest of the entertainment world who with filthy language and obvious hatred toward any opposite view. They actually hate this country and want nothing more that to see our President fail so they can be happy at any cost to the regular American worker and citizen.  Remember the hypocrisy, from  the left, CNN, MSNBC and the major networks… all survive on hatred and misdirection. Go to the polls, and vote for civility and truth. Allow this great experiment called America to continue.

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The end of civility, the rise of stupidity …Thanks Maxine

We all know by now that when Maxine Waters opens her mouth we are no longer shocked at what she says, well most of the time anyway, but now one of the crazy women lawmakers from California has crossed yet another line. This time she is calling for the intrusion and harassment  into the lives of all who oppose her, especially any Trump supporter. She should be  taken into custody and held for psychiatric evaluation. She is a true and present danger to all sane people everywhere.

Then there are the Hollywood creeps, the Fondas, the Tom Arnolds, the Steven Colberts, the Sally Fields, De Nero,  and  on and on  , all the empty  stars and mindless people pretending to be someone other than themselves. They have no real identity other than the parts they play for our entertainment. These are hollow , empty people with no understanding of life other than to hate and to hate with a vengeance at anyone who does not agree with their lifestyle, their lack of morals and values or their dreams of utopia with no guns , no borders , no religion and no opposing view.

Together with the rest of the American Liberal Left world, Hollywood and the political left  politicians ,all civility has disappeared, circled the drain, and been flushed . Pelosi, Schummer, Waters, Schiff and the rest of the clowns in the House and Senate, have created type of chaos that we Americans have not faced in many years.

The real Americans in this country, the ones who love the flag, the ones who believe in a higher power,  the ones who believe that all  life is precious ,the ones who believe that America is a special place, the ones who believe America is an exceptional place and people who have  rights  spelled out in the Constitution, these are the real patriots of this country…… The real men and women who built and are continuing to build this great land…. We are the ones who must correct this leftist agenda and put America back on the road to civility, prosperity and restore morals , values and maybe put God back in our lives.

Vote. Vote  Vote. And while we are voting, lets get really serious about term limitations…..No more life long politicians……one or two terms and you go home, no retirement, no special treatment, you serve, you go home…..period

God Bless the United States of America

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Times they are a changing…. More Leftist utopian dreams

Just a short while back I gave a lift to a couple of soldiers, a real nice lady sergeant  and a male sergeant. Both really top notch patriot warriors serving in our military. As we drove along and began talking , I asked how rough boot and basic camp are these days compared to when I went through basic  in the 1960’s, and if it is more difficult or a little easier.

Was I surprised….. It seams that now during your basic training to become a warrior for our fighting military, if you are having a bad day or are feeling a little picked on…. you can now produce a sort of ” time out card ” , and ask for a little time out. And after that for 24 hours , a big old bad sergeant cannot yell at you or give you any type of grief  or up set you in any way……Really??????

So if a platoon is engaged, the enemy is raining bullets at you and an occasional mortar or RPG, can you turn to your commanding officer or Non com and say,  ” Gee Sarge I really don’t feel comfortable with all this lead flying around, do you mind if I take a little ” time Out”?. I will come back when I ” feel” better.

And that my fellow leftists dudes is the key word… ” Feelings”. Its all about feelings. In this millennial age of melting snowflakes and safe places, your own personal feelings rule every moment of you existence. Its a sad thing when your little heart breaks so easily when asked to see, listen or do something that will not make you feel happy.

Well Buttercups…… is sometimes a little tough and a little rough. So when you get your feeling hurt by some big bully of a boy or girl, just put on your big boy and girl pants and get off your collective butts and get into the world. Leave you moms basement , get a job, buy a house, get a car…….stop crying when someone says no to you. Give yourself a chance for a little pride, take a stand for something meaningful.

Life can be hard, your mother and father should have instilled that into your mind set.  If they failed and gave you all you ever wanted and now you are still their little darling…..get over yourself and add something to the world around you. Your left leaning teachers and professors lied to you…. the world owes you nothing. Your color, your background or your sexual preference has nothing to do with being an adult.

And by the way….. there are still only Two (2) genders…..pick one

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Liberal , Progressive and assorted anti- American Heroes

My dear leftist pals………

Listen up and think about this message……….

If your Heroes are, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Maxine Waters , Diane Feinstein, Eric Swalwell, Adam Schiff, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, Stormy Daniels, Barak and Michelle Obama, Louis Farakan , DeBlasio,  Cuomo of New York, Pocahontis who is sometimes called Elizabeth Warren , Bernie Sanders, Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger,, Black Lives Matter, Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson,most all of Hollywood, almost any actor or actress, illegal aliens , MS-13, Steven Colbert ,Jimmy Kimmel ,Jimmy Fallon,  and of course one of my favorites … Governor Jerry Brown of California, and so many more Anti American so called activists and anarchists. They have attempted to remove God from our schools , business and even our own homes, they desecrate the flag , ……….. who all hate America, our President, even this wife and children.

Leftists…. these are the people to whom you show allegiance and hold in high esteem…..WHY

Even though the country is on the up-swing and all is looking better for almost everyone, you remain staunchly behind all the aforementioned miscreants… Why?

Surely some of you must see who these anti -American pro socialists are. They want blacks to stay in their place, they advocate shredding the constitution and taking away all the rights that generations of American Patriots fought and died for. They want all of America to cowtow to their wish for an impossible utopian world.

They wish to control all facets of your life, where you work, what you eat, who you vote for, where you go to school, where you live  and it is their expressed wish that all borders  of all countries be opened for all.

Our Founding Fathers designed the constitution for a moment in time just as we now experience. A moment when we would allow ourselves to elect the wrong people to govern us toward oblivion of our rights and freedoms.

If these people are your heroes and many more of the same ilk, way too many to mention, then maybe you should begin to soul search a bit, take a closer look at these George Soros loving socialists and communists and anarchists.

Believe me … You do not want to live in the country they have in mind. If you think you do, why not try living in Cuba for time…… let all of us know how that goes. Or for all you ladies who want  Muslim Sharia Law, give Iran a try, if you survive you will be in the minority.

The people above are vulgar, possess a lack of morals, values, and have no understanding of we the people, the everyday guy and gal who just want to live in freedom, who just want liberty and the basic human rights to determine our own futures and lives…….

Look at your heroes ………………………………………………………………!!!!!!



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Let us all Remember June 6, 1944

On June 6 , 1945, the allies invaded Northern Europe in the largest amphibious attack in world history. Code named Operation Overlord, the allies and the United States began to take the beaches of Normandy France in an attempt to push back the German Army and  They did with courage and determination like never seen before. This landing was the beginning of the fall of Hitler’s fortress Europe. By late August 1944 all of Northern France had been liberated and by the following spring the allies had defeated Hitler and his army. This was called   D-Day.

Please remember the sacrifice all these men and women gave in the face of Nazism and Socialism.Remember the dead on the beach , the blood red water washing the still bodies back and forth. The resounding sound of bullets flying, mortars exploding and carnage everywhere. Listen to the screams of young men just out of high school and just in collage, as they rush through the cold deep surf to find a spot of safety while watching so many die around them. Remember these men and women , they saved the world that day. Without this great sacrifice, most of us would be speaking German while the rest of us would be speaking Japanese.

So take a moment, thank God for their bravery, for their selflessness, and for the ultimate sacrifice. Remember this day, Fly “Old Glory” thank a vet or a soldier. We owe this generation all we have, and they are now few in number. Let us never forget this day and take the time to look up a read the magnificent feats of courage and learn how an entire world should be thankful to a bunch of ” Kids with guts and love of country and a thirst go give freedom to an oppressed world in 1944

God Bless America, God Bless the United States of America, and God Bless those who gave all so that we may live in peace in our own land………….

Know D-Day…………………………………………Read about this great moment in World History

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A reminder from Julian Assange an others

Hey Liberals, Progressives. socialists and wanna be communists……remember

Adolf Hitler confiscated guns before killing over 13 million people

Joseph Stalin confiscated guns before killing 20 million people

Mao Zedong confiscated guns before killing over 45 million people

Pol Pot confiscated guns before killing over 2 million people

And right now American lawmakers , Eric Swalwell from California, and others around our country want to go door to door and confiscate guns using United Nation Troops and our own law enforcement and the US Military.   When your government says you do not need a gun , you should probably get a couple of guns just in case

So America….. talk to your family, your friends and all on your social media outlets, be a part of the America that stands for our constitution and our Bill of Rights. Remember if the 2nd Amendment goes, the 1st amendment will soon follow and we will have the progressive socialists government that so many nut cases want for our country.

And remember the CEO of Starbucks said…” If you support traditional marriage… Don’t but our coffee”…… should be a simple decision for most of us and now you can go to Starbucks and set next to a panhandler who has not bathed in a week or so…should make that coffee and pastry taste a little better.

A quote from Nancy Pelosi……”Strong Employment numbers mean very little” How does she repeatedly get elected with this empty mind? And what about the Californians who continue to vote for her ?



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OMG Liberal progressives, OMG

Jerry Brown , the space cadet governor of California has come up with yet another ” stupid law for California citizens. Assembly bill 1668 sets a limit of 55 gallons of water per person per day for indoor water use starting in the year 2022. The new law says that one cannot take a shower and laundry on the same day. Violators will have to pay $1000.00 per day during normal seasons and $10,000.00 per day if the violation occurs during a dry or critical dry year……….. This is what you get with run away liberalism

Don’t we all just love socialism and progressivism ideas…?

Somewhere in California, there must be some democrats who are sick and tired of all the Governor Moonbeam B.S.    California , if you would like to live a normal American life  you must turn your state around. Ditch the nut cases in your state and federal governments. With Nancy Pelosi, Diane Fienstein, Governor Moonbeam, Maxine Waters  and so on , Maybe even invite God back into your state……….

Now a real important matter…… The Miss America pageant has announced the end to the swimsuit competition in the pageant……. another tradition ended by snowflake so called feminists with nothing constructive to do. Liberals will not be happy until all of this country will be one big genderless, mindless robots doing the will of a few socialists progressive politicians.

When will someone tell David Hogg the perpetual student that no one really cares what he thinks or wants. Someone need to take him out behind a barn and whip his little butt real good.

Remember when the great and wonderful president Obummer locked the World War II vets out of their memorials and then invited Black Lives Matter into the White House….? Just another wonderful memory of the man who would take this country down….. And do not forget his war on the cops… we are still reeling from this anti cop sentiment with police officers still being hunted……..

And lastly..… Muslims are still demanding that locals in some communities do not walk their dogs in public because it violates Sharia law and disrespects them…….Will someone please tell these invaders that America does not recognize Sharia[ unless you live in Michigan or California]… and we will not put up with their BS any longer……




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Jerry Brown and other Leftists

A while back , the ” esteemed Governor” of California, Jerry ( Moon Beam ) Brown was quoted as saying that he never knew Jim Jones , the killer of over 800 people in Ghana, when he forced most of them to drink laced Koolade and most all died  except for a few who lived to tell the story……. Well gee, it seems that good old Jerry is a liar , amoung other qualities he possesses. It seems  Moon Beam not only knew Jim Jones , but Jim helped him get elected in his first term as governor……. no big deal I guess, but Jerry is not the most saintly governor that has graced the mansion in Sacramento.

A sign held up by a pro life lady…. ” Why would a bacteria be considered life on Mars , but a heartbeat not be life on earth……?  Great question… pass this one on….!

Has Nancy Pelosi ever come forward and spoken for the late Kate Steinle after she was murdered by an illegal alien….? probably not, but she stands up for MS-13 and other illegal immigrants and ISIS, and Hamas, and of course any Muslim anywhere.

Are you boycotting Netflix  for their love and adoration of the Obamas and their new lying and truthless show coming to Netflix……look into it and boycott Netflix with the rest of us patriots who are so damn tired of the people who almost brought down the country and are still trying….

Remember …. talk to your conservative friends and relatives…. tell them we must hold the house and Senate……. The lefty dems will continue on with Obummers attempt to destroy America and all we stand for…….. VOTE, Talk, Vote

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Leftist, Liberal or Both

I am going to paraphrase radio talk show host Michael Medved…..” The difference between a liberal and a conservative is simple, Liberals are so often offended by what someone says, where conservatives are offended by what someone does.” This simple statement should be pretty self evident, and easy to understand…..most Liberals/Leftists will still have a problem with  Michaels statement.

Politician Watch:  Eric Swalwell, a congressman from , you guessed it , California is attempting  to introduce a bill or bills to ban all guns, and to have all guns confiscated from all legal gun owners. His idea is to have the authorities go door to door , house to house and take away our right to bear arms. He also wishes to remove the second amendment from our constitution…… This communist needs to be watched very closely. He is a fanatic and a danger to this country. If you live in California and are a patriot , you need to pay close attention to this George Soros stooge. Get to your polling places and send this nut case packing…. Tell your friends and family to put the word out on this idiot socialist. This is how it starts………….. 1933 Germany, any questions.

And remember , if we loose the 2nd amendment, we loose the first amendment.

More Liberal/Leftist craziness…. As the “New ” Boy Scouts or Scouts BSA, which now includes girls, are preparing for their annual Jamboree for 2019, they are being informed that the new policy will require that all participants, boys and girls are required to access  readily available condoms available to all. After all we surely must allow the “kids” to reach their full potential by having safe sex while on this Jamboree……

A favorite liberal quote, Nancy Pelosi , ” Building  a wall will violate the rights of millions of “illegals”. Only from Nancy.

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Keep it coming Libs…. keep it coming…

Apparently , The all knowing school officials at Jepsen Magnet School in New Haven Connecticut, called the police on a student who fashioned a gun from legos.  Wow! this kid must be a menace to all of civilization……….. More liberal snow flake , safe space adults with a penchant for stupidity.

Boys can no longer play “army or cowboys and Indians ” out side in public for fear of being tagged as a future mass murderer. Where the hell has common sense gone? Are there no adults with any gumption willing to stand up and stop this crazy crap? Where is sanity……?

We as Americans must put a stop to all this stupid liberal political correctness and word games. We need to elect grown-ups to our local , state and national government. We need to weed out all the nut jobs and pathetic lawmakers who would bring down every tradition this nation has created.

Get to the polls, talk to your friends and relatives , get on line , e-mail , text.  Ask them to stand with you and eradicate this silly and dangerous mind blowing stupidity once and for all

Be a patriot, tell all ……… American traditions are in danger of melting away to the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Chuckie Schumer, Jimmy Kimmel, Maxine Waters and most of Hollweird and the liberal socialists amoung us…….

We have the richest traditions in all the world and we are indeed , an exceptional people.


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