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Original Art and Photography for your environment

Even in this economy, even in these times, we all attempt to carry on in our lives as best we can. We live our lives with  some  worry and doubt about where we are headed and what will happen to our world. Yet we continue  in our daily chores and we each contribute what we can.

What about Art? Can we still keep art in our lives , can we still compliment our lives with beauty without auctioning away our safety net? The answer is yes.

I have  been a photographer for 35 years and a painter for  20 years and I would like to invite you to enrich your environment with original art from  my years of capturing images and putting  many of those images to canvas. If you will , please go to “”, and see if I can enrich your home , office or anywhere in your environment with an original painting, poster or photography.

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Killing Babies in America


Since 1974 the United States of America has allowed over 60 million babies to be killed in ways that the Nazi Doctor Mengele, had  not even dreamed of. In a recent report on FOX news, an under cover woman in her 24th week of pregnancy, visited abortion clinics , called “Planned Parenthood”. To paraphrase the so called doctors  when asked what would be done with live  humans, or botched abortions, the doctor said” We will just flush them or place then live in a jar of solution and allow them to drown. Live children are pulled piece by piece from the womb, and placed in a garbage bag, and then placed in the trash. Or they are born alive and  either allowed to die on a cold stainless steel tray and  watched as they die. Then we have  the man called Dr. Gosnell who killed live births by snapping the spinal columns with a pair of scissors. Gosnell even saved as trophies some of his best  abortions, whole babies, parts, and the like.  This is done all over our nation on a daily basis. Are we Americans really standing by and pretending this Holocaust is not happening? , Just as most of Germany did when the Nazis perpetrated their assault on the Jews? Well there are some frightening similarities……………….

We people of moral ethical standards, must  stop this mass murdering of innocent children. This killing  is not about rights, it is about selfishness, it is about lack of moral standards, its about mass murder for convenience. We need to stop pretending this is not happening or is not important. Children are dying as I speak, and they will continue to die unless we Americans put a stop to this. Remember , in an abortion , the baby always looses.





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Lots of Liars Lying Around DC

Let’s see, the president  (not capitalized on purpose)   said a while back that , he had  put terrorism on the run through out  our planet . And yet here we are on May 6th 2013 and the two maim media stories are concerned with Benghazi and the Boston terrorists. And then our glorious leader goes to Mexico and blames all the violence in  that country on the United States and our love of dope of all sorts. Who in hell is this man we call president? He obviously isn’t to proud to be an American. He has done nothing but appoligize for all of our countries magnificent and glorious accomplishments. Obama is a liar and a political climber who cares about nothing but his rise to a place in history.                    His” friends “will tell you who he is. Bill Ayers has just come out again and reminder us that he carries no remorse for what he did in the 70’s. Obamas appointments and administration are all radical in one form or another. If they are not radical , then they are just plain stupid and un-informed.

Obama has lied about Bengazi

Obama has never been responsible for his  presidency, nothing is his fault

Joe Biden is a lap dog who has never had an original thought

Obama has lied about Boston

Obama has lied about the Sequester

Holder has lied about Fast and Furious

Pelosi has lied about just about everything she has ever said

Clinton has lied about Bengazi

Napolitano has lied and you can add stupid to that

Harry Reid is a politician with power and  no conscience

Chuck Schumer is an idiot……..

All these people are friends of Obama, so America, you decide who Obama is……………………………………….

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The Nuts are running the Asylum

As the FBI are interrogating the piece of crap who bombed  the Marathon, a Federal Judge busts in the hospital and reads the terrorists his Miranda rights…..No more  good intel. Now there will be no more information coming forth. The FBI was supposed to get 48 hours of interrogation, this “Eric Holder” mouth piece of a judge surprises the FBI and halts the questioning. What does this tell you about the Obama club if Muslim loving communists. The FBI were totally surprised by the magistrates interruption. What the hell is going on in the country ?

Under Obama , America has become the  joke of the world community, He has surrounded  himself with the biggest gathering of idiots known to mankind. an in:

Joe Biden  Eric Holder  Nancy Pelosi   Harry Reid , Janet Napalitano, Eric Clapper, Hillary Clinton….and on and on and on. All these people tend to lean toward communism, socialism, and a regression toward becomming a third world country.


Make  2014 an important year for yourself, we need to get our butts to the polls and kick this regime to the curb. Obama and his lack of principles and his gathering of lackeys must be fired and retired to a non public life.


God Bless the USA



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Over 60 Million

At this point in our countries history , we have legally murdered over 60 million babies, some of them by Kermit Gosnell, the so called doctor who  not only aborted late term pregnancies, but also killed babies that were born alive   He has been acquitted of three of the eight murder charges. His method of killing  living babies, or live  births , was to snip   their birth after  being born. This reminds me of another baby killer, Dr Mengale of the Nazi Regime in Europe during WWII. I had hoped that in some areas this country would have come a bit farther…….pleas help stop abortion, No matter if Gosnell performs the deed , or someone else…..The Baby still looses. 

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Terror in Boston

So now our young “murderer/terrorist” , has but three public defenders, all at the expense of  Boston, his target. When I see the photo of this ass standing next to Martin, the slaughtered little boy , I don’t feel he needs a public defender, he needs a team of water-boarders. A few men or women who will treat him for what he is , a killer. Bombers are Bombers, and now days that means they are most probably muslim, radical muslims for certain. And muslims hate because of their faith, the faith that calls for the death of any non-believer. I do not know of any Methodists, Catholics, etc, that call for death for any one not converting to their chosen faith. We need to say it for what it is…….Radical Muslims,  Islamists, Jihad, it all means , murder, wether our week minded prisident will admit it or not, these people for the most part, want sharie law, they want to go back to the 3rd century where only a chosen number of men will rule with bloddied hands and total control over the masses. Well, this is America and we have come way too far for this bull____ called” Political Correctness” to defeat  the American people. The year 2014 is on it’s way, Obama has fooled us twice, so have the idiots who lick his boots. We will take our country back and we will clean the sewer that is Washington DC. Political correctness, will be no more, Hollywood will have to go back to making movies and controlling their brainless members. We will return to  the America that set us apart from the world…… can bet on it.

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2014 getting Ready

Does anyone know how to put together a petition to let the asses in DC know we American voters are watching and remembering what is going on and we will be looking for a hell of a number of replacements come fall 2014

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What the hell are we Americans  going to allow next? Already the talking heads are looking for reasons and excuses for the acts of the the” Boston Bastard the Younger”. I personally do not care how , when or where he became a killer. All I know to be fact is that this Son of a Bitch placed a bomb next to an eight year old boy , and walked away.

Now he will be treated as a common criminal, a mis-understood youth tuned radical by a big brother. A child who did not have the proper family life, who was a lost boy not responsible for his future actions in Boston.A killer is a killer, somewhere down the line , these  people make a conscious choice, a choice to hate and kill anyone who has more than they themselves have accumulated.And of course, it is always someone else’s fault.

These two Bastards, had plenty of time to plan and execute this horrible deed. They then went out and killed innocents in cold blood. They deserve no understanding, no cuddling and no quarter. The one who is left, should be made to talk and then be kept in general population with no special privilege. He is a killer and that is all.

Mr Obama , un-beknownst to you and your minions, we ARE at war. we are under more threat and danger that you can even understand in your political , empty mind. America, is about to be forced to decide if we will allow  you and your band of idiots to continue to drag our country down to the level of a third world banana republic. Luckily for you and Nancy and Schumer and Holder and Joe , we in this country we  go to the polls, and when next we do you will be  un-employed. We will find men and women who will see people such as the Boston Bastards are seen as what they are, evil people who would bring down this country by killing, terror and murder. We will find men and women who love and cherish this land and will take  America to a better place as we have all through our history.


We are at war, there is evil in the world, and it must be dealt with…..Now

God Bless the United States of America

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Black and White Photography

Black and White Photography

Check out “” and take a look at some great black and white art and abstract paintings. You can set the mood in your home or office with the right wall decor

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