America is Exceptional… Period

America has a history of achievement, patriotism and freedom. We are truly an exceptional people.

A few days ago I watched a documentary about the story of D-Day. In this historical presentation, many of the survivors spoke and talked about their experience in World War II and the assault on Hitlers fortress Europe. As these members of the Greatest Generation spoke of their days , months and years together, one thought stood out….. not one of these heroes would accept the term “ heroes “. The Heroes , they said were present in Normandy, they are the men and women laying beneath all the white crosses and Stars of David. The boys from Easy Company , 101st Airborne, the 29th Division , the 1st Division and all the other units , paid the price of freedom in full. They froze at Bastogne, were murdered at Malmady Belgium as the Reich lined our boys up and murdered them. And all along they stood together, they remembered where we Americans came from. They remembered a bunch of rag tag citizen soldiers in the freezing cold as the crossed the Delaware in frigid weather to finally bring the fight to the British. Americans wrote the greatest document in the history of the world, the Constitution, promising freedom and liberty to all who wanted.

Then we had a war against ourselves and the Union survived and we freed the slaves and gave more more freedom for all. And amazingly none of these American heroes took credit, they referred to those who gave the ultimate. America fought more wars in the years to come and each time we showed who we are …. Americans.

And now, after all our successes as a land of the free, we find our Country in great despair, with actual American citizens spreading hatred and division. Authoritarian leaders have adopted a socialist Marxist agenda in an attempt to change this noble experiment into a rapidly decaying third world country.

America…… we must remember all we have accomplished as a people who want only freedom , liberty and the rule of law. Let us not allow this attempt at the destruction of our Union…… Stand up , pay attention and see what is happening…. We MUST stop this treason and the liars and haters who would destroy this great experiment…….! We must stand together as we have for hundreds of years .Get involved….🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 God Bless America

Failing memory, lies, and apathy

America , 80 years ago this country was attacked by the Japanese Imperial Military Forces. Later , the Third Reich declared war on us along with Japan .What did we as Americans do….? We got back on our feet, dusted ourselves off and prepared for the fight ahead. We trained, we sacrificed, we went to work, all of us, men went to war our women took over most of our economy and replaced our men on the assembly lines and produced the materials we would now need being at war, kids and families saved all kinds of metals, rubber, news print and any thing that could be recycled for our boys in harms way. We stood together shoulder to shoulder and we took the fight to our adversaries and although it took a while, we kicked some ass on two different fronts, Japan and Germany.

A mere twenty years ago , we as Americans attacked again. This time by a heartless mega maniac filled with hate for all of us and our way of life….. again. What did we do? We got back to our feet and took care of the the animals who attacked us just like before in our history, and our wonderful love of country shined like a volcano at midnight.we once again were a patriotic , God fearing nation that stood proudly when our flag was raised. And when men and women came home with a flag draping their coffins , we stood with reverence and cried with the families of our heroes and thanked the Lord above that we had such people to give the ultimate sacrifice for our lives and our freedoms.

Here we are in 2021. I wonder what this country as a whole would do if we were attacked again….? Well we have been attacked once again. This time with Democratic Socialists , Communists and some of the dumbest people on the planet. We as a country have been divided as never before, but not by Armies from Japan or Germany. We have been divided by our selves. We have allowed our morals , values, and love of country to be stolen by Americans in love with chaos, hatred and ignoring our history and replacing God by creating false gods . Now we are a country in fear of damn near everything , our neighbors, our religions , our races by ignoring our basic morals and values. We now have leaders in our country who work only for themselves and their selfish needs.

Could we stand and fight today? Would we pull together? Would we dig deep and find our love of freedom and our fellow man? Would we sacrifice for our country , for our fellow Americans, our freedom and for God once again……. This is my question as an American .

What would we do as a Country..

What time is it..? No one will know

So now the teachers Union and other education systems have decided to remove all the analogue clocks from classrooms…..why? Well it seems that kids can not tell time on an analogue clock , so the so called teachers have decided that digital clocks would make it easies for kids to tell time. Are we talking “ schools? “, you know that building where a child is supposed to “ learn?” What a concept huh? Imagine learning in school…….. Here’s an idea….. how about all parents teach their children to tell time….? Another workable solution. How did this country get to this point…..?

Insults upon insults from Biden Cartel……

America, are you insulted yet ? Let’s take a look at why we all should be insulted. Example , if you loose a family member while they serve our country, that family will receive around a hundred thousand dollars for service rendered. However if you are an illegal alien crossing into our country illegally, well it is possible that you will get around Four Hundred Thousand dollars for each family member , which could add up to around a million dollars per family. Are you insulted yet…?

How about we speak about energy. Joe and his gang have shut down a major oil pipeline that was part of our countries energy independence. And now this dimwit wants to close more pipelines and continues to beg OPEC for more oil at an inflated price. This winter should be “ fun” this winter with all over price increases on heating oil, natural gas and all utilities….. Are you insulted yet..?

This year Christmas will be somewhat different, the supply chain is in shambles and many products will be near impossible to get. Store shelves are near empty in many places around our nation, groceries prices are on the rise.Are you insulted yet…..?

Our education has gone to hell, unions and teachers unions have lowered their standards so no one has to put forth any effort to graduate and the crap being taught is out and out disgusting and pornographic in nature. And the “Woke” idiots are turning our land into an embarrassing ridiculous example of stupidity…… are you insulted yet..?

We in America do not even know who is running the country…. We have no idea. Add in the raised taxes, BLM , Antifa, communists in our government, and a thousand rule of law violations thrown in all our faces. Are you insulted yet……? We are being ruled by idiots and traitors.

God bless the United States of America.

Here we are America…..what will happen now….?

If you are an American and you have no idea of what is going on in our country, you are dead from the butt both ways. Hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens are streaming into our country and being shipped in the middle of the night all over our land. The current administration is wholly responsible for this invasion. The cartels, criminals and terrorists are having a holiday distributing fentanyl all over America, the cartels are increasing the human trafficking to un-heard of numbers. And terrorists from all over the world are just walking across the open borders and into our cities and towns. We have a president who has no idea of what is happening just a few blocks away from the White House. Ten months ago we were energy independent until Joe decided to stop all American production. All our major cities, being run by leftist mayors, are doubling and tripling murder rates and criminal activity. Of course everyone on the left are worrying about climate change, something that happens daily. Not many on the left know that the two poles have had the coldest weather ever. Which of course is caused by global warming. The FBI is being told that the Average American parents with kids in school are domestic terrorists. Kids are forced to wear masks as young as two and three years old. Our police men and women are being berated daily by the likes of BLM, the teachers Union and lefty morons. We are being divided by the vaccinated and the un-vaccinated. Average citizens are being arrested for attending a school board meeting. Nurses and doctors are being fired over this ridiculous mandate from Biden. Our military is being forced to retire or be court marshaled , this will deplete our readiness to protect the country.

If you did not know about most or some of this…… you are part of the problem. America is being dismantled day by day, hour by hour. This wonderful land is in serious jeopardy . We must get off our collective butts as we haven’t much time to turn things around. We must get involved in our country, by getting active in local , county , regional , state and national issues and have our voices heard. The Government works for us and if we are not happy we have the right to get rid of all the dead wood. Kick all the Socialists, Marxists and communists to the curb…. Elect people who love and cherish this Nation, the haters can go to hell.

God bless this Nation and please wake us up.

What a country……….

Right now in the United States of America , a citizen can be arrested and put in jail for speaking out at a school board meeting, but one can go to Seattle and attack and burn down a federal building with people trapped inside and you will be set free by the time the police get back to their patrol car, which is now more than likely on fire . If you are the mother of a daughter in the hospital and you wish to stay with your daughter over night because of a serious stroke and the fact that she cannot speak and is in danger of dying at any moment, you as the mother will not be allowed to spend the night, as a matter of fact you will be arrested and forced to set in the back of a patrol car with handcuffs.

America , if this is not the country you grew up in. If this is not the land of the free, then you better be ready for the home of the brave, because most of we patriots have had enough. The Republicans are for the most part are not interested in standing up for America, and the Marxist left liberals are already dismantling the country on a daily basis.

Those of you who will not take part in the defense of our land, you will soon see just how difficult it will be to begin again. Please get involved, run for office, volunteer, speak up and be heard. You have no idea how close we are to being run by an appointed politburo such as in Russia.

God Bless America, God save the Union

Imagine if you will…….

Let’s us say that we have a personal doctor that we have seen on regular occasions, but after all this time the relationship has gone down hill fast…….. Why????? Because the doctor continues to change his mind on what my diagnose is………….

Fauci is supposedly the last authority on infectious diseases……. Really????????

No representation, no more funding…….

If you live in America and have children in kindergarten , grade school , high school, or collage and universities…… what the hell are you doing ? Most American citizens pay taxes , some of which goes to what ever school or schools in your district. This has been going on for some time in this country. But now with the Marxists and Communists running the Republic, schools and school boards are now telling parents and guardians that they have no business knowing what teachers are teaching. Really? The whole country is aware of the lies and omissions our educators are using to indoctrinate all our kids, K thru College. Real history being taught is a thing of the past, heroes are being wiped from memories , statues and any reference to our remarkable history is now so distorted and very few recognize that this is US History. Teachers are teaching , hate, racism , socialism and hating America.

How about this idea…….? If we parents have absolutely no input as to our children’s education….. then we will no longer allow any tax money , federal or local to go for education anywhere. And we will teach our children at home or in schools that teach truth, history, values and morals. The teachers and the teacher unions are no longer to be admired until all Marxists and socialists are removed from our education process. Stop funding anti American educators and their crime partners , the unions. America will not continue as a free Republic if we do not clean out the teaching gutter rats

You good and sincere educators know who you are and thanks……!

God Bless America, God save the Republic

flag and eagle

Morons, idiots , liars and haters

If you mess with the history of your country and with the people who work hard , believe in God, and try to make this a better world, you are an idiot and a moron. Americans want peace and comfort,we really do not want to hear the constant droning against our land , our people and our future. The left will use what ever is at hand to steal our freedoms and our rights. They will lie and spread hate at every opportunity using race, men against women , keeping all of us masked and in near isolation from one another. Covid will be used as a point of fear for as long as we will comply and don’t push back.

My idea……. Push back , fight back and talk back. Tell everyone you know that we must stop this intrusion and invasion of our lives and freedoms. We must put a stop to wokeness, CRT, tyranny and to our new found admiration of American Marxism.If America is to survive , we must act now.

God save the Union, God bless America!

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