Invasion USA 2021 ,Texas

If any of you have not seen the tragic mess in Del Rio Texas , caused by Joe Biden and his idiot clueless administration, you need to watch a real news outlet such as Newsmax, Fox or One America News. The main stream media barely covers anything Biden screws up, which is everything he and […]
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Weak military, poor leadership

Our Esteemed secretary of defense, Austin, once a four star general, now wants to shred the best of the best. Our Navy Seals are now being told to get the shot or they will be released from duty. The most elite fighting men in the world will now be decimated and weakened to their ruin. […]
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Actors , actresses,and liberalism

Can anyone tell me why so many artsy types people are anti capitalists and so pro Marxists and communist? After all when the Marxists take over guess who gets the boot first? The artists, actors and actresses, writers, the media and journalists. Is this stupidity, or just plain mindless acceptance…….

On the border

10,000 illegal aliens at the border in Del Rio Texas , mostly all from Haiti via South America by plane and then on foot to the border. And the Biden Crime syndicated says there is no emergency , it’s just people fleeing tyranny. BS, and this emergency does not include anyone from Cuba. Really….of course […]
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Where is Gen. Patton, Gen. MacCarther, and the real leaders….?

Can any of you imagine what would have happened if we had generals like we have today during the Second World War? Well number one we would surely all be speaking German , Japanese or Russian. Most or all of our officers in all the services would be “ woke” and worthless as leaders. Even […]
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California….. Hard to believe…….

Hey California, the rest of the nation , you know the other 49 states, want to assure you that we now know just how pathetic your average Californian is. What does it take for you people to see what the golden state has turned into. Your state is the nearest thing to a third world […]
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Criminals, Bums and Liars

When a country like America elects a man as hollow as Romney, Biden , Schumer , Schiff, it’s no wonder we have the chaos we are all experiencing at present. Weak minded shallow sheep liberals are now in charge and these elitists will lie cheat and steal to hang on to power. So if we […]
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Biden and Blinkin…. A pair to draw to……

Anthony Blinking is a lying SOB with no conscience what so ever. If he is with Joe, he is a liar. Never has so much bullshit been force fed to so many Americans….. this administration is the most inept bunch of fools in the history of our country. They have and will sell all of […]
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What a leader Biden is……

On a day such as today, 20years after the most terrible attack we have ever experienced in the USA, we now have a president who cannot ever muster a speech to the American people . So we hear from our glorious Vice President who couldn’t touch her own rear in a blizzard…..pathetic. So here we […]
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God Bless America