Posted by: matureconservative1945 | 07/29/2017

Most of the people I know believe that the United States is moving toward socialism…… Well I think we are closer that we think. We have a congress that believes they are above the average American citizen and that we are all subject to their whims and wishes. Look at the house and senate……special health care , big retirement, lots of perks that the man on the street only dream of…. as a start, why don’t we Americans , Conservatives, Liberals and Libertarians get together as a country and insist that these liars and cheats in Washington DC live by the same rules we all abide by. No more special perks, just plain old Obamacare, no limousines, just a family car to go to work. Speaking of work , how about a forty hour work week just like the rest of us? No more 120 days of work per year.Only two terms as a representative or senator , then you go home and go back to your old job , that is if you ever had one….. No more socialists BS…….no more upper class lawmakers. Back to honest capitalism…….no more kings and queens of DC…..!


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