America….. Social engineering…….

Here we go America, the left nut cakes are now trying to engineer another “social change” , Menstruating men. No I am not joking. Most of we Americans know that men do not have a menstrual cycles, but in colleges and high schools around our nation, the Leftist liberals are asking for women’s monthly health products to be available in all men’s bathrooms. Also all men’s urinals are to be removed to cause less anxiety to the two to fifty seven genders of human beings. And all bathrooms will be gender neutral. The proponents of this sort of crazy are the stunningly ignorant left. If this kind of crap weren’t real , it would be hilariously funny, but this is real and spreading. I am still pretty damn sure that men, ” real men” do not have menstrual cycles or ” periods ” as they are also known. If your son of any age believes he is having a monthly cycle and complains of cramps and is asking for ” Midol” , get him to a shrink, by pass any emergency rooms immediately. And do not buy your son feminine birth control pills, they will not work.

With Halloween just a day or two away , millions of kids , teens and adults will be trying to find costumes that will not offend” anyone”. It is no longer a night to score some free candy and treats, but now in this country one must take great care in a costume choice. Now days almost half of our population are offended by what is called ” culture appropriation.” This ridiculous term defines dressing to look like someone else in fun will cause great pain and fear if one is not of that culture….. For example, God forbid someone would like to dress up as an Indian. That would be culture appropriation . Dressing as a brave Indian warrior will get you kicked out of nearly any Halloween party in the land. Dressing as a cowboy will get you the same result, as you would be offending people because cowboys once fought and killed Indians while settling our great land. It doesn’t matter that Indians also killed other Indians in those days. Americans are told to stay away from any costume that will offend anyone at anytime. Dress up like George Washington and you will be ridiculed as dressing like an old white slave owner and hater of anyone of color. Dress as an African American and you could almost be sent to prison for such a great offense. In the old days when this country had real men and real women , we were able to laugh at one another and poke fun at ourselves all the while dressing as what ever we thought was fun and entertaining. Now America’s sense of humor is all but gone. We can no longer pass on a funny joke or quote for fear of offending someone somewhere. We all walk around with our heads hung down in order not to meet another’s eyes for fear of then taking offense at our gaze. Ethnic jokes have gone the way of the dinosaur. Professional comedians are in fear of loosing their careers by breaking some snowflakes heart with a funny routine. At USC in California, they are in the process of removing all items on display of John Wayne the famous actor. Why? Because he was a misogynist, Indian killer of native Americans. He spanked a woman or two in the movies, he shot bad guys like rustlers m killers and bank robbers , all in the movies on the silver screen. It doesn’t not matter to half the population that the “Duke” was a great actor, philanthropist, and a great Patriot that dearly loved this country and its history and our flag. American heroes are not accepted by the leftists in this country. The late Charlton Heston , a great actor, was chastised for standing up for the second amendment and for being a patriot. Hollywood used to be a place where men and women worked to entertain and make us laugh , cry or be frightened with their acting ability and a sense of professional pride. Now we have so called men and women who would rather spew hate and intolerance such as Alec Baldwin, Jane Fonda ,and a host of other fragile twits to include late night hosts and much of the acting profession. Their elitism is somethin to behold with their assumption of being heads above we common people. And who in the world told these American haters that their opinion means a dam thing to the rest of us. Just like most politicians of our time , they lie , cheat and pretend they are the best in class. Well , we Americans are beginning to see through all this glitz, all this crap and we see what political correctness has done to a free society. We are tired of Lebron James hating our anthem and flag, we are tired of Kappernick wearing socks with pigs on them to disparage our men and women in blue. We are tired of the Pelosis and Shumers and Schiffs Obamas and Brenners in politics and tired of Antifa beating innocent citizens for wearing red hats. We are tired of men competing in womens sports because they aren’t good enough to compete with other men. We are tired of hearing about 67 or so genders, and tired of crossdressing weirdos entertaining our youth in libraries and schools around our country. We are tired of people dying in Chicago and the filth that is now California with homelessness , disease and crime. It is now time once again for the people , the patriots the flag loving , gun owning second amendment lovers to take back our country. We will do it with our beloved president, our love of this land and for our freedoms and liberties and we will show up at the polls with our votes and we will rid ourselves of this socialist BS and America will once again be a shinning city on a hill.

God Bless our President Trump , our glorious flag and the people of the United States of America.

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