Traitors , Socialists and Spies

As we enter a new year and a new decade, we can lookback a bit and see that we have made great progress in many areas in the wonderful land we call America. We have a President that loves America, most all social programs are on the up swing. Our military and first responders once again are getting a little more respect, and people in general seem to be much more relaxed being able to say God in public, and not be intimidated by the anti God past eight years…………. But we have a long way to go to “keep this Republic” as Benjamin Franklin once said after the signing of the Constitution. Evil and hate still permeate large sections of our country with the likes of soulless race baiters like Al Sharpton, Maxine Waters and the so called ” squad”. We have a group called “Antifa” which is supposed to be anti fascist but are in reality a fascist group of near do wells living in their parents basements and proclaiming freedom from almost everything. And then of course we have our American hating , senators , and congressmen and women who are actively and openly attempting a coup against our Elected President and the good people in our Republic. So called Americans such as Nancy Pelosi , Chuck Schumer , Adam Schiff and a host of Democrats and left wing liberals will not accept the election of 2016 nor will they accept that the people in this country do not want socialism, communism, Sharia Law or racism and the soiling of our constitution. Although not proven, Ilhan Omar openly suggest that terrorists now attack any property owned by Mr. Trump and laughs at the false report of American casualties in the recent attack by Iran on an American air base. Nancy Pelosi believes she is the queen of America and there is no doubt that she would like nothing better than for our country to turn to socialism and eventually communism. Her hatred for Trump and most of America has her sliding into the horror of dementia faster that anticipated in her shallow mind. Schiff and Schumer are idolized by only a few mental midgets such as Sheila Jackson Lee and Eric Swalwell.

So, when did we as a country decide to allow enemies of the state to serve in our congress and Senate ? In the world we have today, I do believe that the late Joseph Stalin would be welcomed by most left wing liberals to run for governor of New York or California. Maybe old Adolph could be a governor from Virginia? He and Governor Northern would be a pair to reckon with. And when did it become alright to allow illegal immigrants to vote and get free health care, free food and housing and education. Do any of us remember being asked if this would be ok?. When did we Americans say it was alright for immigrants to start their own independent villages, towns and training facilities all ruled by Sharia law to include their own police forces? Must have missed that memo !

We are giving our country away to the weak minded terrorists, socialists, communists and uninformed citizens that just stand around with their I-phones glued to their ears and blank stares as they attempt to decide if green means go and red means stop.

What can we do…..? We can stand up, raise our voices and tell all American haters that we will not give up our country, our constitution, our families, our rights and out liberties. The Constitution was written for a moment in history that was meant to last till the end of time. Our Founding Fathers knew , even back then , that Nancy Pelosis’, Schumers and Schiffs would try to take all our history and future away. We must stop them…… Talk until you are breathless, tell your family friends and everyone you can reach that we are Americans and we will not give up our freedoms, so help us God. Get out and vote in November……….. Only we citizens can save this Republic. Like Benjamin Franklin said, ” we have a Republic if we can keep it” . God Bless America

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