America ,Is it too late……?

This country is in decline to put it mildly. For decades we have allowed every anti American thought and anti American group to flourish under our system of openness, fairness and liberty to the point at which we are at this date in history. We are loosing our country to Socialists , Communists and Marxists at an alarming rate and on a daily basis. Each day the leftists and progressives gain ground and power and are well on their way to reshaping America into something most of us will not recognize as the ” Shining City on a Hill” that was so aptly named by our President Ronald Reagan. Our so-called leaders of today, left and right, have sold all of us out , by dividing us against each other and preaching systematic racism as our war of life. These lying American haters have infiltrated every segment of our society. From cheating in a national election, to using the Covid pandemic as a way to control our populations, our jobs , our education and indoctrination our young people to hate this country and our history as if we are as evil as The Third Reich , Communists China, or Russia under Joseph Stalin. Now Critical Race theory is being forced into every aspect of American life. The government is rotting the very fabric of our way of life. They are steeling our future by changing our past. Our country has become lazy when it come to our freedoms , our liberties and nearly all of out rights as citizens of the United States. Our politicians, our business leaders, our teachers and our professors are all complicit in the decline and destruction of the greatest experiment in a Democratic Republicanism that the world has ever known.

We Americans have always been fighters of freedom and liberty. We Americans are a breed never before seen on this planet. We have always been dreamers, inventors, adventurers and hard working honest people who have always shared our ideas and ourselves to all in need. My God folks , we lost over 650 thousand men and women in the Civil War, we have saved numerous other countries from tyranny and slavery during two World Wars. We have sacrificed our citizens, our food and our lives that men everywhere could be free and share in the liberties we have .

But now , we have forsaken God Himself . we have hidden Him in a back room , out of our site and out of our minds. We allow liars , thieves and degenerates with law degrees and worthless pieces of parchment from a multitude of colleges and universities to change our actions and minds into mindless TV, on line video addicts and godless take all you want creatures with no future plans other than to follow the sheep and lemmings to our eventual ruin.

How about we let God back into our lives, how about we return to kindness, how about we love our country and our flag again, how about we tell all the evil destructive people in our society to back off as the good, God fearing people of this land are on our way back. How about we pay closer attention to our daily lives and tell the evil ones among us that their days are over? How about we take our country back from the Pelosi’s , Schummers , Obamas and Soroses to take a flying jump. How about we tell all the Communists , Marxists and race baiters to get the hell out of our land. There are more of us than there are of them. Remember, Nazi Germany was run and controlled by only 3% of the population. Look what they accomplished. Will we all just say ” its none of our business, it wont effect me. All this as we all walk in haste to the waiting trains to take us and the country into oblivion. It’s happening now as I write

In this country now , we are being manipulated , controlled and lied to by most of our leaders. Look at the two people at the top in our Country . The world or at least half of it are laughing at we Americans for the way we are forfeiting the greatest Republic known to man. Only we real Americans and the grace of God will bring back this wonderful land, the wonderful country, this United States of America.

God Bless America

10 thoughts on “America ,Is it too late……?”

  1. “We are loosing our country to Socialists , Communists and Marxists”
    Name one, a single party or person who represents any of those movements … in America of all places. You have factually only two parties, both hard-core ultra right fascist by design and completely interchangable with each other.

    “we lost over 650 thousand men and women in the Civil War,”
    A purely American war, very silly by design, with no global or even lasting local impact.

    “we have saved numerous other countries from tyranny and slavery during two World Wars.”
    You have bankrotted the UK, else you’d never joined WW1; and saving numerous countries from tyranny was mostly done by the Soviets. And slavery? Oh please, another purely American trait, not a topic of discussion, because not existing, in Europe.

    “We have sacrificed our citizens, our food and our lives that men everywhere could be free and share in the liberties we have .”
    You started and supported a lot of right wing, fascist contra revolutions in Central/South America, always on the side of the very few high and mighty rich whites, always fighting against the indigenous people, the workers, the poor. You restarted the Korean war, tried to save the corrupt opera regime of South Vietnam, supported the Shah of Iran and his elitist clicque, you still support an amoking Israel in their greedy genocidal attempts … the list is long.


    1. How about the Marxists Democratic Left? I think you should do a bit more research about everything from socialism to full blown Marxism……… Look around, you cant be that blind or ignorant.


    2. You have a very twisted view of America…. you only seem to want to regurgitate the Left and Antifa talking points. Perhaps you should seek out a nice socialist country to reside. You certainly aren’t happy here…….!


  2. Once upon a time in the last century the democrat party represented American values at least publicly , but they always leaned towards socialism. Now I’m not sure they will ever be that way again. The DNC has pulled hard left and left American values far behind.

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