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Really liberals, really……?

Every time we think liberals have gone over the edge, they astonish us all once again……

Now at a high school in New Jersey, a certain young lady did not make the cheer leading squad, so as you may guess, ” mommy” jumped into the action and complained that her little darling was not accepted to the squad , so therefore she was discriminated against, right? Well momma’s little snow flake raised by a mom who obviously has had some failures in her life, decided that if her little “honey bunny” was not going to cheer with the squad, no body should be allowed.

So now all the girls who worked their collective butts off to train to be good cheerleaders, are forced to accept a decision made by the all knowing liberal school board that now anyone can be a cheerleader, no try outs necessary now , the school board has dictated anyone and every one will be cheerleaders, no try out or training necessary.

Good Lord, when will this crap stop?

Ya know , not nobody should get rewarded for failing. Failing is supposed to teach all of us that we need to be better next time…………………….

So momma in New Jersey, you have just taught your little sweetie that no matter what happens in her life, she can now always be a victim. She can blame everyone for any failures, and she should always get a “trophy”, regardless if  she wins or not.

Great example mom…….. way to go …. you have negated a lot of hard work and sacrifice by the girls who worked for what your little baby now gets for free.


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More nutty scary liberal stupidity

Well , now another nut case liberal with too much time on their hands has come up with another crazy left wing progressive  idea…….A so called ” sexuality expert” ,says that babies should give their permission to having their diapers changed by their parents. Really? And just how is this accomplished, you may ask the expert Deanne Carson. Wait for the infant to make eye contact and give permission through a visual ok mommy you may change my diaper. But…….. what if the baby dosen’t say anything….? well I would assume you leave the dirty diaper on until the child says” ok mommy, you may now change my diaper.”

Good Lord , where do these people come from?  I think this pink haired ” lady  needs to see a professional……and soon.

In other news, David Hogg , the self proclaimed NRA slayer says that no one else in past generations knows what it feels like to have someone shoot at you with  an AR. Well you stupid little boy, you may want to get your little butt to a computer and google, World War I, WWII, Korea and Viet Nam……… a few rounds were fired at our military in all of those conflicts.  David get you butt back in school, forget about the Liberals who are using your young mind and start thinking for yourself.

Posted by: matureconservative1945 | 05/09/2018

Liberal logic 2.5

Question : Has there ever been a liberal who answered a question?

Not in my experience………. No matter what network, station or radio show has a liberal ever answered a question put to them in the simplest terms. And the truth always evades the liberal mind.

Melania Trump is a classy lady and I do mean lady in the strictest sense of the word. However, Jimmy the “ass ” Kimmel from his show continues to be-little and condemn everything   Melania says or does. He is making fun of her accent and her clothes. …..Gee  Jimmy, do you remember the ” ghetto” look of Michelle, and her ghetto language….. Hell , Melania speaks five languages fluently, Michelle hardly spoke English. But all this proves how totally petty the liberal progressives are. They lost , are still loosing and they just do not have the ability to handle the truth .

There is no way anyone can satisfy the liberal mind. They enjoy sadness as if it were an aphrodisiac. they fawn at any truth they just will not hear , and they have an inability to listen or comprehend.

However they are still quite dangerous in their pitiful way and they must be fought at every turn. The liberal progressive is a threat to civilized society, a threat to our way of life and  our right to freedom and the pursuit of happiness. They would turn our wonderful country into a third world shithole with their idea of a socialized society where most of them believe they would prosper while the masses would serve their every need…….

Listen America, we must fight this ideology  to the end. we must go to the polls in numbers to assure our future. We need to render these anti American socialists in-effective by making them powerless and inconsequential. We must take their power and give it to the patriots who love this country and want it to prosper and grow the way our founder wished it to be

God Bless the United States of America

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The Progressives , The Left, and Political correctness

Well once again, the left wing nut cases have struck a blow for socialism. Now the word ” Boy ” has been removed from the organization once known as the Boy Scouts of America. Radical feminism at its finest. The Boy Scouts are no more  and will never be the same. Why men and boys are no longer allowed to be boys and men is beyond all imagination.

And then  there is the term” Toxic Masculinity” which as far as I can tell means a masculine male…. something the left cannot tolerate. The left would have all men wearing skirts, man buns and dressing like clowns in a circus parade.

A young woman in high school wears an Asian style dress to her senior prom and is accused by the left of ” cultural appropriation”. Really…..? Does that mean that if I wear a sombrero this coming ” Cinco de Mayo” , that I am culturally appropriating the Mexican culture? and how about St Patrick’s day…….. Do you really believe that all those in celebration on the 17th of March are indeed Irish?

My dear patriotic Americans……. we need to get off our collective butts and get out of our homes and into the streets, the city council meeting and the ballot boxes and put a stop to this political correctness BS and get our country back from the hands of the communist socialist progressives before we turn into a third world country.

We now live in a country that has murdered more children in the womb than Stalin, Mao and Hitler did during the second World War.

We now live in a country run by unelected bureaucrats who push and grab for more power on a daily basis.

We now live in s country who elect people such as Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders, Barak Obama, and a whole list of freedom killing gangsters and crooks.

We now live in a country where the politicians want to shred the constitution and build a framework of socialism and communism .

Pay attention America…. we are loosing our rights and our freedoms . we  are loosing then to the radical left, to radical Islam, to power mad politicians who place themselves above and before we the people.

Get involved…………write your senators and congressmen, get active in local and state politics. The left will end free speech as we know it, they will take your guns and they will destroy the constitution and the United States of America………



Posted by: matureconservative1945 | 04/24/2018

Socialism / Communism / USA

Quote: ”  Your children’s children will live under communism. You Americans are so gullible. No , you won’t accept communism outright, but we’ll keep feeding you small doses of Socialism until you finally wake up and find that you already  have. We won’t have to fight you. We’ll  so weaken you economy, until you fall like over ripe fruit into our hands”

____ Nikita Khrushchev , 1959

Sounds like  o’l  Nikita knew a little bit about we Americans. Now we have socialists in all aspects of our government, from the local level right up to the cowards in our nations capital. Hell , we even had a avowed socialist run for president in the person of ” Bernie.” So many millenials now believe we all would be better off under a socialist government. Really ? How about all you would be socialists take a sbatical to say , Cuba, Venezuala, or North Korea. Lets see how well you fit in.  And of course we will always have the nuts and fruitcakes who benieve in Sharis law and get a taste of  No Pubs , No alcohol,No movies , no Netflix , no cinemas, no singing, no dancing, no gambling ,no animal compassion, girls married at seven years old, no bikinis, no Christmas , no Easter, no pork  and of course , no bacon….. just to name a few of the restrictions of Islamis Sharia law….. Sound Good….?

We need to wake up America, now is not the time to ignore the perils at our Nations borders and coasts.

Its time to speak up , however you wish, social media, meetings , writing , any way to send the message that we are not for the taking, We are the United States of America, and we will not go quietly into the night.





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California……. the dump of America

Fellow citizens of California……… What the hell is wrong with you ? Jerry Brown…. really ?

Do you not see what the Browns have done to your state ? High Taxes, more illegal aliens than you can feed. No water, dirt and filth everywhere, homeless taking over you roads , parks and streams. Lowest standard of living in the United States for a once great state with more potential than any other state. After forty years of Browns , Swartzneggars , Pelosi’s and Fiensteins, all who became rich off your tax dollars. When are you going to wake up and get you state, your lives and yes your money back.

Hollywood idiots, stupid politicians, a terrible school system, and an economy gone to hell…..What will it take to wake the hell up and kick these so called leaders to the curb….? Or do you enjoy dwelling in a third world atmosphere?

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Plastic baseball bats for teachers in Pennsylvania

Well now the looney left nut wings have come up with a wonderful idea as to how to protect our schools from more shootings……

Plastis 18 inch baseball bats…….? Thats right…..!

So now if a shooter enters a school or classroom with a weapon, the teacher can now threaten the intruder with a beating of his or her life. Sure make me want to send kids to this school district.   Sounds like a California idea……!

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It’s Time America

It’s time America, the time is now. We as America loving patriots must stand up , wake up and make our voices louder than the nuts, fruitcakes and snow flake socialist following  dum dums. In the pathetic state of California, they are attempting to make it illegal to sell ,use or read the bible. A  LGBTQ bill is making its way through the California assembly and will soon go to the Senate for a vote. If this bill passes, it will be just the beginning of banning all religions….. except of course , Islam … the all perfect religion and way of life…..!  The bill would make it illegal to give out resources ,sell books, offer counseling  services or direct someone to a biblically based model for getting help with gender confusion and homosexuality. It will as in other Pandora boxes , lead to a complete banning of the bible , seeing Priests , Rabbi’s, Pastors and even Imans. This is how it begins, they are using a  California consumer fraud statute to restrict religious freedom and free speech.

No matter your religion, your beliefs , or the fact that you are an atheist……this kind of crap coming from leftists lawmakers must stop. If we give up our free speech , we will have nothing except another Stalin, Castro or  Kin Jung In.

Do not allow the left to kill free speech or the 2nd Amendment…..Only we Americans can change the direction the socialists left are taking us

Stand up,

Be heard,

Take Action,

And make some noise……. more noise than the left makes………

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Barbara Bush passed away today….

God Bless Her , she as a great lady and her wisdom and humor will be missed….

And of course some idiot liberal professor has tweeted that the is glad ” the witch is dead”……… more proof of the empty minds of most liberals, where did plain old respect go…? A great woman passed and all this  ignorant pathetic broad can come up with id the mantra of the left…… HATE.

Sad, so very sad

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